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English abstract by Merle Mulder

Merle Mulder

Straight Edge:

Subkultur, Ideologie, Lebensstil? [= Subculture, Ideology, Lifestyle?]

Erweiterte Neuauflage


“Don’t drink / Don’t smoke / Don’t fuck / At least I can fucking think”, sung Ian MacKaye, leader of the band Minor Threat, in 1981 in his song “Out of Step (with the World”) and caught with it for many adolescent contemporaries the spirit of the age. Further he formulated with this song the basic ideas of a phenomenon, which can be found now more than 25 years later on all continents of the earth: Straight Edge (sXe).

Above all the rejection of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and promiscuity, the wish for control over the own body and spirit, a positive basic attitude and the love for music characterized Straight Edge especially in its starting time.

Until now Straight Edge remained largely unheeded in the scientific discourse. Also the most basic question was disregarded up to now: What is Straight Edge at all? And hereby doesn’t only the question of the contents or a definition of sXe matter but also the question of a meaningful theoretical classification.

So, this previous gap should be filled up in this work. For this, the most frequently terms used in context with Straight Edge were selected: “subculture”, “lifestyle”, and “ideology”. Which concepts are behind these categorizations and are they suitable at all in order to grasp a phenomenon like Straight Edge appropriately?

“Straight Edge: Subkultur, Ideologie, Lebensstil?” does not only offer a detailed representation of the phenomenon of Straight Edge but also an extensive and nevertheless compact introduction in the most important subculture, ideology, and lifestyle bases.

Merle Mulder: Straight Edge: Subkultur, Ideologie, Lebensstil? Münster 2010 (revised edition), 185 p., 5 ill. / tables, coloured cover, paperback, ISBN-13/EAN: 978-3-933060-33-4, EUR 18.90



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